How Cold is too Cold for a Siberian Husky?

How to Establish Healthy Relationships Between Children and Dogs

Fearlessness: that is the typical characteristic of children when they are born. Why? Because the concept of fear is still not present in them. They came to this world to learn and that process has not begun yet.

Benefits of Adopting an Older Dog

When faced with the possibility of adopting an older dog, most people will probably think it is a risky thing. After all, older dogs have already been in the hands of other dog owners and probably learned a whole lot of things that the new candidate may not want to face.

Things to Avoid in Order Not to Poison Our Dog

I am really surprised at how little do many of us, dog owners, know about what it takes for us to easily poison our dog. And then come the crying and the suffering for having done the harm to our beloved animal ourselves. Although the pain is valid, would it not be much more intelligent to simply learn before doing?

Pet 101: How to Deal With Your Older Dog’s Needs

Dogs are indeed man’s best friend. However, like most living creatures, they age and they age fast. And they way they age is similar to us humans.

Important and Common Dog Health Issues You Should Know About

When we have children, we have usually been warned either by our doctor, family or books we buy to keep us informed of what we are about to face, about the most common diseases our new baby may suffer. There may be exceptions, because not everything can be anticipated, but at least, we are better prepared.

German Shepherd Puppies Training for Protection Dogs

Schutzhund trained dog at your house, the group mentality still guides the dog who views the family as his/her pack and the home as the den. You have to move forward with a balanced combination of love, strict discipline and food rewards for successful German Shepherd training as Protection Dogs.

Keeping Your Dog Happy And Healthy

Learn how to properly care for your dog. Including training tips, toys, and feeding.

Leash Training a Puppy: Make It Pleasurable for You and Your Dog

Training a puppy to walk correctly on a leash can be a challenge for you, and for your puppy, but by starting training the right way when your puppy is young, you can achieve great results. A puppy is always excited when he sees that he is about to be taken for a walk. This is when the first step starts in training your puppy to walk on a leash. It’s very important that you have absolute control before you put puppy’s leash on him as there’s much more training to take place outside. Patience and perseverance are required and will bring great results.

Top 5 Ways to Memorialize Your Dog

Any dog owner will tell you that the pain of losing their beloved pet is often unbearable. It is not like losing a pet, it is like losing an immediate family member. Our dogs are ever faithful companions who offer us unconditional love. They deserve to be memorialized just as a human being is often memorialized, so with that in mind here are my top five ways to do exactly that.

What You Need To Know About Feeding Older Dogs

In this article I would like to share with you some useful information about feeding older dogs. All dogs are unique and different and some dogs begin showing signs of aging earlier, whereas some dogs begin showing signs later. As our dogs get older not only do they begin showing signs of aging, but their bodies start functioning differently too.

Are You Dog ‘Body-Language’ Savvy?

My father taught me a thing or two about dogs. He wasn’t a certified expert on them, but he was an ‘expert’ in experience with them… a ‘dog whisperer’ predecessor in his own right. He taught me that body language was the key – yours and the dog’s.

Why Alvin the Cockapoo Dog Required Anal Gland Surgery

This article explains why Alvin, a 3-year-old Bichon-Cockapoo mix, required surgery to remove his anal glands. Did his owners agree to the surgery and possible incontinence?

5 Tips For Dog Walking

Some people really struggle when trying to walk their dog. Their dog is out of control and it becomes more a stress for both the person and the dog. Here are some tips to help both of your enjoy your walk.

The Best Kind Of Leash To Purchase For Your Dog

This article talks about the best leash to purchase for your dog. Leashes come in different sizes, shapes, and colors. You need to make the decision what leash would work best for your dog.

High Quality Dog Food – The Best Bone for Dog

Hello, If your want to get tips of having a quality dog food, feel free to read on highqualitydogfood-tips.blogspot.com. Do you Want to increase your dog lifetime? and keep them healthy? stay tuned for more tips from the blog. In this post, i shared about the types of dog bone and which is suitable for your dog.

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