You’re NOT Ready For “Leash Walking” Until Your Dog Can Do THIS!

Do you find that your dog gets easily Distracted when you're outside doesn't Give you a lot of attention well the Secret to changing that is to build Extreme value for looking and paying Attention to us so I'm going to do that Right now with Scout now the secret to Building extreme value and I mean Squirrel value I don't just mean my Dog's gonna pay attention when I got Cheese and I'm in the living room that My dog when we're out and about has so Much value for checking in with me Instead of sniffing or pulling or trying To get to things so I'm going to start Right now I'm going to grab some treats Sandy here I'm going to start with some Kibble now the way to get that extreme Value is to okay you that's is to Make sure I got my treats in the right Hand now the way to get that extreme Value is to let the dog choose to look To us look at us and then reward that But I'm not going to wait two hours Until he happens to check in with me to Reward that's not going to be very Effective so I want to set up situations Where Scout will choose to look at me so Here we go I'm going to get some treats I'm going to get Scouts attention Hey you Cool and I'm going to drop that treat on The ground I'm just going to place it Down

Yes so that's working even with a little Bit of kibble I drop the treat get it Yes good boy so I've set up a situation He sees me put a treat down he knows I Have more Get it Yes good boy so he's voluntarily Choosing to look at me yes it's a little Set up but he's choosing to look at me So that's taking a little too long now I Was using kibble he has it was a little Too long though so you know what I'm Gonna go to a little bit higher value Treat I really am and see if that works yes Good okay we got some different treats I Can even put a boring treat on the Ground and have good stuff in my hand Let's try this out get that Yes good boy you can see I'm getting Better attention than I did he's also Much calmer from that but have I solved My problem if a dog walks just past me Here is he going to be giving me Attention absolutely not it works with The food and a lot of you saying oh of Course you got a hand mid full of food Of course he's going to look but that's How it starts remember I need to set up A scenario where he chooses to look at Me and without food he probably isn't Going to choose to look at me because There's so much going on so I'm going to Get my food just drop it down I'm not

Asking yes good boy what a good man I Play a little game again a situation Where I want my dog to choose to give me Attention and this time it's going to be A little harder because I'm going to Have something he really wants and he's Probably going to want to look at so We're going to do a little problem Solving game again I'm not going to cue Him he's going to choose to look at me And I'm going to reward it with a huge Reward his food from his bowl now I want To get a few reps in there so I'm not Going to fill up the bowl I'm just going To put a few scrumptious treats in there So I'm going to show him this bowl oh Scout and what I'm going to do is start To put it down oh And he's going for it I'm just going to Pull it up again I'm going to put it down Every time he goes down I'm just going To pick it up again Now he's oh almost so I'm letting him Problem solve the way to get that food Come here buddy is to Is to not go for it Oh I'm just gonna pull it away almost he Needs to wait till I give him permission To have it I've now got it down get that Yeah there you go so you can see he went From I'm going for it when that didn't Work he said oh I need to try something A little bit different here so he sort

Of froze he even give it a little Glimpse At Me Now initially I'm not Looking for that look I want to have Some early wins and some dogs aren't Going to be able to look away from that Food so just being able to not go for it I don't even care if they sit all I care Is a first step is my dog chooses not to Go for it the next step might be that's It the next thing I really want though Is that attention I also want to note That if any of these games are too hard Outside with the distraction you might Need to start in the house to build a Little bit of attention and calmness First so you let him see that ball cool Whoa Nice try buddy Yes so get there you go okay yeah so you Can see I got the slightest little Glimmer up his eyes didn't actually meet Mine but again small wins he's gonna Next time I think actually look at me He's figuring out how to earn that food Bowl yes oh good work Buddy okay turn Around so that people can see the camera You Yeah I know Hard game to win There's a little bit going on that's What I say if there's too much going on Out here there's people there's dogs Over there so now he says he says I'm a

Little too distracted so I'm going to Move him a little bit away There we go And I've got a couple of options I can Either choose till the distractions gone Or I can go inside if he's just not Ready for that oh you might be though Maybe oh so I'm going to get him back Into action Almost I'll give him another easy win if He can hold ah but you gotta hold you Can't self-release Yes there you go okay get that thing Good so keeping it moving so he can't Focus on those distractions oh good work Buddy oh I got it oh yes And I'm going to stand where he's yes go Ahead boy I get that so that's what I Want to get so even though these games Are a little bit set up and yes there's Food now in this case the food's working Against my attention Um it's a little bit set up and there's Food involved but he's choosing I would Rather look at you than my bowl of food And that's what I want because yes it's Set up but the more he rehearses that With this little game the more the value Of looking at me goes up and I'm going To get more and more attention now those Little games in a very short while are Already getting one him much calmer Because they work impulse control but Also I'm getting much more attention

What a good boy and as a result of Getting attention I'm getting far less Pulling which I really like especially With the bigger dog yes good boy Excellent now I'm ready to take you to The next step I'm not ready to go for a Walk in a really busy place or work in a Super crazy distraction environment Minute but I am ready to add some motion Because those games were very set up so I might even start off with that little Shoe game I'm going to show him a treat Drop It On The Ground tell them get it Oh you don't even want the treat from There you want one for me yes so if he's At that point I could drop the treat Tell him get it Get that buddy and then as soon as he Get yes I'm gonna move a little bit Yeah So now we're getting to the beginning of A walk I can try again now that I've got Some attention I'm just going to move a Little bit okay buddy yes good boy and I'm rewarding for my face good boy it's A little bits of motion yes good boy so He saw something over there but because He's been rewarded and that's this last Little while for that attention Um Yes so he's looking around but now Instead of I need to go over there or I Need to bark or I need to pull He's saying yes what a good boy and now I can even keep that food in my pocket

I'm still going to bring it up to my Face so big change just working this now Is it if I came out again tomorrow no It's not going to carry over it's going To carry over a little bit but if I do Some of this every day yes I love that Attention to me buddy now this is Normally where I lecture people that You've got to make sure your timing on Your yes is perfect but you know what Here's a little secret Scout can't hear At all so he's totally deaf now yes what A good boy so you can see even though he Couldn't even hear my yes which is so Powerful these techniques work so well To build build that yes what a good man That attention on us and some of you are Going to find with your dog that it does Go this fast they are quick Learners in Advance how and how distracted they were Now he was pretty darn distracted when We came out I'm really pleased that I'm Going getting this much attention right Off the bat Yes good boy but I'm also giving him Attention I'm not going to go for a walk And start playing on my phone because That connection with me is also Rewarding so I'm still helping him and Notice how much I'm still rewarding him I could also pull out a toy and play With a toy with him I could also he's Doing a great job of moving with me yes Look at that lovely attention oh you're

A good man I couldn't get in there and Give a little patch oh I could get a Kiss yeah so I can interact so it Doesn't have to rely on food and I like To rely on many different tools because I want to wean off the food yes good boy Even just moving away letting him chase Me he saw something over there and his His Instinct again when he sees people Is to want to go see them so he looks Yes what a good man so you can chase me Yeah you're a good boy yeah good so we Can do a little play now yeah some of You are saying you shouldn't let your Dog jump up and yes I eventually won't Let him jump up when I haven't asked him To but right now now I want that value For me I want my yes what a good man my Dog to say I love interacting and I want That attention so if I'm always Correcting him I'm not going to do that Now I am going to make sure that I'm not Quite as exciting so that he doesn't Rehearse that behavior but I don't mind A little bit of enthusiasm because you Are doing a great job yeah you and your Dog could joined Scout and his owner in The life skills program Scout is just About to start the life skills training If you're interested check out the link In the description below now just Because I got some nice Focus out here Doesn't mean I'm ready for a walk down a Busy road and it probably means you

Aren't either but you are ready for the Next step in your loose leash walking if You're interested check out this video Right here on that note I'm Carol this Is Scout happy training

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