Your Complete Puppy Training Guide For The First Month Home!

Natural Care for Animals of All Kinds

My husband and I have been married for 20 years and our desire from the time we got married was to have a sustainable farm that we could support ourselves. We are still hobby farmers, but we are growing a little more each year. At the moment we have a mixture of animals including horses, pigs, goats, ducks, chickens, donkeys and of course cats and dogs. This morning as I write this my 3 middle children are down at the barn checking on some new baby pigs that were born a couple of days ago. I love our little farm life.

Pig Bear

To me, a pet is a two-edged sword. On the one hand, a pet is a companion and a source of unrequited (one-sided) love. On the other hand, a pet is like your child, except that it will remain needy for all of its life. A life-altering (your life) commitment of your time is the responsibility that you owe to your pet.

Great Pets for Older Children

Thinking about saying yes to getting your tween or teen a pet? Older children can care for all kinds of pets with unique features and needs. Whichever pet they set their heart on, there are many important questions to consider before choosing one.

How to Manage Noise Phobias This Summer

Between thunderstorms and fireworks, the summer season can be a stressful time for our pets. Find out how to help them cope with their noise phobias.

6 Elementary Tips to Take Care of Your Pets

Pet owners often wonder – what they should do to keep their pets healthy; is there a decorum they should follow? Pets are like family members that need to be fostered with care. It’s a very responsible task as a pet owner to keep the pet in check. There are various important things that need to be taken care of if you want to be a proud owner of a pet.

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