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Rabbit Hutch Plans – Things ALL Rabbit Hutches Should Have

All pet rabbits need a place to call home. This allows them to rule their own territory – this is in their nature and make up to do so. But where should we keep them?

How Safe Are Your Pet’s Toys and Bowls?

Americans spend millions of dollars each year purchasing toys and food/water bowls for their pets. Unfortunately, that squeaky little catnip mouse, dog chew bone and bowl with the cute painted paws can be really bad for your pet.

Can You Give Your Rabbit Cilantro?

Generally speaking, rabbits are low-maintenance pets. If you think taking care of your dog or your cat is easy enough, you will find it even easier to take care of a rabbit as a house pet. Just give them a stack of hay, a huge piece of lettuce leaf or pellets and your pet bunny should be fine.

Keeping Rats As Pets: What You Should Know

The keeping of rats as pets is not a new practice. In fact, this practice can be traced back to the 20th century. Owning a pet rat can be fun and rewarding as they are innately curious, affectionate, clever, and love to have fun.

How a Pet Owner Can Help Their Pets Recover From Arthritis

Cats and dogs may suffer from arthritis the same way as humans do. The symptoms may vary but the pain is the same. As pet owners you may need to be sensitive to notice changes in your pet. Your feline or canine friend may be suffering from arthritis without you knowing it. Animals have their own sensitivity; however they can never tell you what they are feeling. As pet owners we should be sensitive for them and it’s always beneficial to know the symptoms of different illnesses in pets.

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