Top 5 Ways To Make Your KONG More Interesting!

Five ways to make your Kong more Interesting and to do that you might Want to try adding some peanut butter Maybe some cut up cheese in your dog's Kibble freeze it to make a delicious Treat another fun thing to do is tie a String through it and knot it off so That your Kong can increase your dog's Chase Drive you can put your dog's Favorite scent in the Kong and hide it Somewhere in your house to create a Search and fine game before you feed Your dog breakfast or dinner you can Fill their Kong with their food and let Them work for it a little bit another Great way to use your Kong is to place It somewhere that the dog can see it and They have to wait for it and then you Send them to retrieve it and bring it Back to you there's a lot of great toys On the market but this one might be the Most versatile to make sure you're Keeping this toy fun and new make sure You use the

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