The Moment You Realize Your Puppy Training MISTAKE!

So this is a good thing to use so that She has something to do but it's almost Like a Band-Aid so and which is good Band-Aids are bad because like when She's napping at night like I yeah Transferred over so that she knits that Okay and that's good and bad so if you It's good in the way that it gives her Something like I see instead of biting Me she's gone for the best that's what I Do hey hey that's better that's a good Thing but what we want to be careful of Is every time she comes to put something On her or she puts her teeth on her Hands and then we say oh don't do that Here's a bone some puppies will think It's a reward and we're still encouraged Exactly because she says oh every time I Go over and I do this mom gives me both This is awesome basically we want to use It as prevention so I would rather her Have the bone before she tries to bite It's not the end of the world it's just It will take longer to fix it if we do It that way but the bone for prevention Brilliance okay

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