The BIG Mistake People Make When Teaching A Dog To Drop Something

Benefits of Owning a Dog

In this short article we will discuss the various benefits of being a dog-owner. I personally own two dogs, a Schnauzer named Padfoot and a Beagle/Pit Bull mix named Marshall. It is an experience I would recommend to anyone.

Animals’ Intelligence and IQ Test

Just because humans do not know (and cannot imagine) animals’ abilities, and always judge them by human standards does not mean animals are of lower intelligence. Every creature (both human and non-human) has senses/ cognition/ intelligence for their particular world. They have developed very specific abilities necessary for their needs in their environment. Each animal is intelligent for its own habitat.

7 Pets That Are Easy to Take Care Off

Anyone knows that pets can make your life sweeter.If you want a pet but don’t know what kind, and you don’t have time to take care of one as much as you used to there is no problem.We are going to talk about pets that are easy to take care of whether you are a child, a guy/girl in college or you have a job and don’t have that much free time: Fish – you take one with a little bowl that does not require anything…

Pets Can Be Good Anti Depressants With Their Healing Touch

Pets, with their soothing presence, are great anti-depressants. Research has shown that owners of pets will have comparatively lower blood pressure and pulse rate while they are doing mental and stressful tasks than those people who do not have pets.

Want A New Family Member? Adopt A Shelter Animal

Are you looking for a new family member? Pets are great additions to any family’s home. Not only are they loving companions, they will never snore, complain or forget to put the toilet seat up! If you are considering buying a pet animal, you might go to a pet store or a breeder.

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