Teach Your Dog To STOP Jumping Up On People!

Yesterday at a private that I loved. Holly is a really cute dog and she's
got tons of skills. But you know what? As soon as a person comes into the
picture that goes out the window, She turns into a jumping machine.
Do you struggle with jumping up? Find yourself constantly
saying off, off, off. Do you think you've
tried everything? Well, I'm gonna show you a way to eliminate
jumping up on people without having To use treats, without
having to say off, off, off. You don't need to correct your dog. In
fact, you barely need to talk to them. I want you to watch this clip
and tell me what you see. So you're just gonna say with
me, start forward with me. Oh, I'd like to Hi to you. Hello.
She's, yep. Right back to the, The pink mark. I love it. She can
almost pull you off your feet. <laugh>.
Good. Okay, little girl. Ready? And start forward again.
Whoa, I'd like to see you. She says I wanna see you
too. Good. Yeah, that's it. Let her calm. She's connected again.
So start forward again with me. I'd like to see you so a little less
up. And you don't even mean to, uh, We're just gonna let her figure
out how to win this game. Did that look familiar to you? Maybe your
dog doesn't know how to win that game. In fact, maybe they can't
win the game. Like Holly, Holly knows how to sit. In fact,
she knows she shouldn't jump. But when she sees a person,
she's just over threshold. She's so stimulated
she can't help herself. So we're gonna teach the dogs
how to win. Needs to be a much, Much calmer. In fact, we taught
Holly pulling towards me. Launching herself is not gonna win my
attention. Okay, now don't check out. Don't think, Ugh, this is a
pulling-on-leash video cuz it's not. It's a jumping-up video. But if Holly can't get to me
without launching towards me On a tight leash, how do I ever
think when she gets right beside me, She's gonna manage not to be jumping
up. Next thing I need is a win. And you might be surprised by what
win I'm looking for. So you can see. So she's super smart. She was pulling
like crazy the time before last.

She slowed down a little bit. I
wasn't sure if she really had or not. And that time, not only did she slow, I
was gonna comment like she did better. She was slowing down. But
she's problem-solving. Pulling, Didn't that technique of launching
forward didn't work. She looked at you. So as soon as she does that again, you're
gonna, you can even drop that leash. She's not going anywhere
except to me. And you can um, You can reward her
immediately by go say hi. I know she's very high now
because we took a break. She might pull again this time.
That's fine. Oh, it's exciting. Oh, it's exciting. It's
exciting. That's it. Right back. Good. Let her just calm down
a little bit. Reconnect a bit. Good and forward. And
pause. Go say hi. Okay. Hi. Whoa. You got to see me. You got to see me.
Ooh, what was the win? Marta slowed down. Holly slowed down with her. Didn't pull forward on the leash
and even checked in with Marta, Which means her energy level is so
much lower. So now she can think. Now with your dog, your first win
might look slightly different. Holly did that little
check-in, which is fantastic. But if your dog pauses, Doesn't pull in the leash and makes
that choice to be calmer than they were, That's the first win you wanna,
yes. And let them have that win. Let them go say hi to the person. Watch this next attempt and pay
close attention to what Marta The handler does. Actually, more
importantly, what she doesn't do, I'd like the pet you
get. Oh, look at you. Hi. Ooh Woohoohoo. That was even more of a win.
Holly even rocked back into a sit, Showing the ultimate of calm.
However, this is really important. Marta did not ask her
to sit. Holly chose to. And that is critical for
this technique to work. We need the dogs to make the
choice that's more powerful And the dogs are truly
problem-solving. What works. Now, Once the dog gets it right,

We need to mark that we can do that
with a yes or simply go say hi. They now have permission. Oh, and work
that response to name, Holly. Yes, Lovely. You can reward that
Great response to name Yes. Would you like your dog to turn
like that on their name? If so, Join us in our Life Skills program.
The link is in the description below. Are you thinking, well what good is
that? I want my dog to greet people, Not be 10 feet away. Well, we need
the dogs to learn how to win the game, Otherwise they're never gonna control
all their energy cuz they don't know how To win. It's not worth it. But we're not
gonna now close the gap, right to me. So I did a couple more passes with
Holly moving closer and they worked very Successfully. Your dog
might not do it in one shot. It depends on their
problem solving skills. It depends on their impulse control
to be when we start out with this. So you may take your time letting
your dog build on successes, But in this next clip we get Holly
right to me and I want you to see, We had to troubleshoot a
couple of problems in there. So I want you to watch how we
do that. You're gonna come up, I'll bend over so she's not, um, Jumping and then you're gonna stick that
foot on the leash and we'll do a little Visit. Hod, let's see
you. She's coming up. There's our first snag. Let me pause that. So Marta was coming in close. Um, She was gonna get her foot on the leash
then I'm gonna talk about in a second Why she was doing that. But
before she could, Holly jumped up. So right away Marta just moved her away. Cuz what we don't wanna do is let
the dog know they can win and get Self-rewarded by not following those
rules. So, hey, you jump on me, You don't get to visit. So
watch this next step cuz. I think she's going to ace it. So she gets moved away, she's
gonna come back and again, again, We let her calm first she comes
in, oh, and she's perfect. She sits. Now Marta's gonna sneak her
foot on that leash. Perfect, because now, Now Holly didn't try and jump,
but if she did try and jump, She's not gonna get any rewards.
She's just gonna feel the tension.

Marta's not holding her down.
But if Holly goes to jump, She's getting immediately feedback
that you're not gonna be successful. And if that happened, I would just back
away and stop giving her attention. What a good girl. Now this technique is all
based on the premise that the Dog is going to make choices. It's
the only way it's going to work. So there's three key things that
you absolutely have to know for this To work. Number one, your dog needs
more wins than losses. Otherwise, Why are they gonna try harder if it's
never going to get them what they want? Number two, this is about
emotional control. The dog, In order to make the right choice to
visit, a person has to control themselves. Remember, It's hard you've ever heard somebody say
relax to you when you're all wound up, It's hard to relax. So
it takes a lot of energy. So if we kept doing this with Holly, Her performance would go down because
she just doesn't have that ability to Control herself anymore. And number three, This technique is only going
to work when the dog only wants That one person to go see them. If you noticed early on it was actually
making it hard because there were other Distractions in the room and the dog's
only gonna control themselves work on That impulse control cuz
that's hard if they really, Really want to get what's at
the other end of the hall or The yard. So we need to make sure
there's not other distractions. Otherwise they'd much rather go self
reward in something else rather than do That work to be successful. This video and this technique are all
about getting the dog to make better Choices. If you want your dog to make better
choices outside and give you more focus, Check out this video right here.
On that note, I'm Instructor Carol. Happy training.

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