STOP Your Dog From Biting The Leash While You Walk!

Do you have a chomper and what's a Chomper well just like it sounds like It's a dog that feels compelled to grab The leash so you want to go for a walk And they've got other thinking they Think it's time to play tug so if I am Out on the walk and despite me doing Lots of things my dog does take that Leash and start pulling on it if I try And get it out of his mouth it's going To turn into a big game for him all I'm Going to do is let go of the I'm not Going to try and pull it out I'm just Simply going to take my hand put it Underneath just a couple of fingers Underneath that collar and then I'm just Going to keep pressure up so now he Can't bounce around with that leash in His mouth I'm not trying to take it so There's no big tug game it's just a Boring I'm stuck here life just got Boring now if you think it's not working Because it'll drop right away just wait It out because I guarantee at some point They're going to say this is boring and They're going to spit it out then it Would be thank you and I can continue my Walk

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