STOP Your Dog From Barking Indoors – Complete Guide

What Is a “God” Animal? Cecil the Lion’s Soul Contract Is to Create Change

God Animals are like “Special Forces from the Universe” that come to teach lessons. They influence and shape people’s emotions and lives and help change situations for the highest and greatest good of all those involved and for the future.

How to Protect Your Sofa Against Pets

In the UK, we care for over 24 million pets. While, most of us love every minute of caring for our furry friends, they can wreak havoc on our furniture. Every pet owner’s nightmare is coming home to see their home ravaged by their animals.

Utilizing a Greenhouse As an Animal Sanctuary

Providing an animal sanctuary is a phenomenal endeavor to undertake. Consider utilizing a greenhouse because it is a versatile platform that allows many different solutions.

Reaching the Pet Market With Personalization

Growing up in a home with a few acres of land in a rural community, my brother and I were fortunate to have a variety of animals. We had goats, chickens and of course dogs and cats.

Our Job Is to Inform Our Pets About Changes or Major Events Happening in Our Family

“When we have a major event happening in our family, we must include our family pets and assist them with the event.” With sadness I read in the Sydney Morning Herald about a baby-girl that was attacked by the family dog during the night. It is such a terrible experience for the baby and the parents. AND very sad for the dog as I know the attack could have been prevented.

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