Stop Crate Barking FAST With This SIMPLE Trick!

I'm going to share with you guys a pro Training tip now because there are lots Of dogs that are wonderful when you're In the room and then when you leave they Make noise the second you walk in to you Know address The Barking they they stop Right away because they're like yeah You've walked in the room I'm excited to See you and you don't really get an Opportunity to address the noise with Really good timing another thing you can Do is use a long line that you attach to Your dog's crate now I have a don't have A long line on me today but I have two Leashes that I've put together which Might be a helpful thing for you to know So basically I would just clip the leash To the front of the dog's crate and I Would go around the room to the other Side maybe leave the room I could maybe If it was sitting on a couch and I was At a distance you could do exactly the Same thing it doesn't need to be Specifically to leave leaving the room But basically I'm going to leave and go To the other room and see what happens And if she makes noise I can actually do My correction or my Interruption from You know outside the room which means The only time that she sees me is when She's actually being quiet

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