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Pet Salon Air Cleaner – 5 Airborne Pollutants It Must Eliminate

The air in a pet salon is one of the first ways to make a good impression. And because you don’t get a second chance to make a good first impression, you need an air cleaner that can remove the usual pollutants that you expect to have with pets. Here are 5 things an effective air cleaner should be able to eliminate.

Selecting the Best Dog for You and Your Family: A Modern Guide for Pet Owners

Are you thinking about getting a dog? You have a little soul searching to do first because there are so many pure breeds (500+) let alone the numerous “designer” breeds and mixed breed dogs.

What To Do With Your Pet While On Vacation

When we go on vacation, although we may want to, we can’t always bring along our pets. So what is the best thing to do with them while we are away? You want to make sure they are getting all the proper care they need! Well, thankfully there is more than just one option!

Pet Sitting Tips For Home Business

Times have changed and many young couples are choosing to further their careers before starting a family. They do however still want a pet and quite often this pet becomes like a baby to them and their wellbeing is paramount. They realise that there are going to periods of up to 8 hours that their loveable pet will be left alone while they are working and this is when a pet sitter is sought after.

Should You Cremate Your Pets?

Whenever you lose a pet, the experience is often emotionally difficult. Apart from dealing with the loss, you also have to find the most logical and sensible way of getting rid of the pet’s body.

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