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Minimize Pet Dander Symptoms – 5 Ways To Reduce Allergy Symptoms

The aggravating symptoms caused by pet allergies are usually triggered by warm-blooded pets such as dogs, cats, birds, ferrets and other cuddly fur balls. So if you know you have allergies fish make nice pets because they have zero dander. But if you’ve already fallen in love with something other than fish, here are 5 ways to minimize the symptoms your allergies cause.

Who’s Rescuing Who?

Rescuing a dog, cat, rabbit, horse, etc., from a shelter is a wonderful thing to do. Many people decide to go this route when bringing a pet into their lives rather than contacting a breeder for a pure-bred animal. The idea of “rescuing” has become quite popular. Some people like to make sure their friends and neighbors know how they got their pet by saying “I rescued my dog” or ” my kitty comes from a rescue.” When I hear a person talk about “rescuing” an animal, I wonder what the idea of ”rescue” means to them and why it’s important that I know this about their pet. So I began to wonder… when it comes to adopting pets from shelters… “who’s rescuing who?”

Is Natural Treatment for Kennel Cough Right for Your Pet?

What all pet lovers should know about treating their pets at home using natural remedies. Suggestions on treating your pets with alternatives that help keep them healthier.

Pet Food Problems

There are a lot of brands of food for dogs or cats. So there is enough to choose from, you would think. The problem is they all have the same flavors, so there is not that much choice really. There is another big problem: almost every cat I know has kidney problems. Some vets think they get it from the food. The food we buy as “very good for your pet”. Many of us frustrated pet owners are looking for the possibility of making pet food, really healthy and tasty food, ourselves. So recipe books for cat food and for dog food could sell very well.

The Archangel’s Message

Animals have a greater respect for the world than we do. Is it possible that the next Garden of Eden will be without mankind? Take a look at what mankind creates for his fellowman versus the peace the animal kingdom creates for itself when left alone. The violence we see in the animal kingdom did not exist until man created it.

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