LIVE – Fix Your Leash Walking Problems – Dog Training Q&A

Welcome to the train station uh, welcome to mccann dogs. Tonight, we’re going to be talking a little bit about leash, walking, training, really common problem that I think a lot of dog owners have they have this expectation that their walks are going to be so wonderful. If you’re, you can tell, we live in canada, yeah um, but when you get out there, it’s frustrating and it’s hard in your hands and it doesn’t go the way you expect and it’s a little embarrassing um. One of the reasons that I ended up going to mccann dogs many years ago as a student was because my dog would literally drag me down the street.

I know where, where you are – and I know how uh challenging it can feel, but in today’s show we’re going to talk about some of the important tips that you should be aware of the things you can do to make your walks a pleasure so that you’re, Not so frustrated, if you’re, if you’re fed up when you get up – and you don’t feel like going for a walk today tonight is a show for you on that note. I’m ken steep I’m cal mechanic welcome back to mccann dogs. If this is your first time here, we’ve got a couple super chats. We’ve got a couple member messages that we have in the queue, but we’re going to get to a couple things.

We are actually hosting a huge 40th anniversary celebration, bash, both uh in person and then also online as well. Um anyways we’re going to have all kinds of things. I mean we’ve had this at mccann dogs. When we first started talking about like we should do like a fun anniversary thing for the 40th year to celebrate your mom and dad and all you know all of the amazing trainers that we have and just you know, hang out and and talk to some of Our current and previous students – and it just kept growing and building and like instructor carol, who you guys know, had some great ideas.

Kale the whole team’s come out with some great ideas and it’s become something like people are traveling from all over north america to check this out yeah and I’m pretty pumped about it. Yeah. So if you want to check out workshops – or if you want to we’re, actually doing we’re breaking out the mccann dog stars again, we used to have a demo team that traveled all over the place. We haven’t done it in years and we’re bringing back the show with agility and fly ball and disc and all kinds of fun things it’s going to be great, so it’s october, 14th, 15th and 16th.

It’s a friday saturday, sunday come to canada, come to ontario yeah and hang out um dan lots of links. If you want to just check it out, see if you know maybe something you’d enjoy doing yeah the link. Very simply is mccann dogs, dot, link, slash 40th, simple, so get getting on topic here for tonight. So if this is your live type new in the chat we like to sort of shape, the conversations live yeah if this is your first live, live here, um type new uh, because we can sort of give you a little bit more kind of shape.

Maybe in the next moment, or the next training session, you can start applying this stuff. We probably have multiple other videos that might work with for your dog, so we we take a little deeper dive when we do our shows tonight with lots of new people. Yeah welcome every buddy. While we watch the live, while sometimes after I’ll watch, the live, um chat and uh find these incredible places that you guys are joining us from.

We have online students from how many countries now 59 59 countries and which is really really cool and um. I’ve learned so much about geography honestly through this and through talking to some of the uh online students. It’s incredible where you guys are joining us from so drop in the chat. I see erica’s joining us from sydney, australia, christiana, dropping the 10 super chat.

No, that’s no lemonade woodland. You know eight nine weeks on with our students and you know finetuning some of the processes, and tonight we want to talk to you about some of like the adjustments that you can make honestly uh. You know help me a huge amount was a equipment, change, changing the equipment, a little bit massive difference with my first dog and then as an instructor when I’d suggest for the when it was right for the dog when it suggest an equipment change, you could see.

All the way to my chair and my dog didn’t pull once she was like so delighted and because she’s been so frustrated, so it was so nice to see that okay, guys, you can just take it down we’re trying to do a train station, we’re a little Busy here, um, okay, there’s something I was just about to do and I’ve it’s escaped me now. We had a couple super chats uh before we got started, and I see a question from our members, so we’ll jump on that in a second and hollington quiet. Thank you for the super chat and asks uh. Well, you need to make sure that your um number one keeping her on some type of leash or long line so that you have good uh, good control, um and then.

They are having a riot when they do those things. Therefore, if they will just keep repeating them, so it works on on both sides of the story, which is why prevention is so incredibly important when it comes to things that the dogs are rehearsing, that we don’t love, but they are really excited by. Aren’t just food treats and they’re not just toys for some dogs, it’s the act, the action of moving towards something it’s the action of getting outside and into that environment where they know you have a little bit less control and they can like just take in all The sight sounds and smells so if you have a dog who goes completely crazy, the moment you get outside the door. It was uh shoot, I think it was maybe instructor carol that we shot the video with or maybe anyway, one of our, I think, is instructor carol.

Where we did this video, where we did an exercise that we we will work on where you you you’re rewarding um a sit at your side in control position, we call it uh before you leave the house, that’s the only way, you’re getting out the door yeah. That’s the only way you’re getting out the door, dashers uh – I don’t remember – maybe dan will find it, but let’s talk about that for a minute yeah. Let’s talk about reward in that situation and honestly, if you have a dog when, when we bring our young dogs up through training, this is something we’ll do almost every time when we’re trying to get. Let’s talk about that yeah.

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