Is Your Dog Easily Distracted? These 5 Tips Will Change EVERYTHING

Are You Suffering Depression Due to Pet Loss During the Holidays?

During the Holidays, when family and closeness is on everyone’s mind, there are many individuals who do not have loved ones or even beloved animal companions because they have gone to Rainbow Bridge or Heaven. An animal’s death during these times creates increased emotional duress to their guardian.

Can I Give My Ferret Raw Chicken?

If one of your new pets is a ferret and you would like it to grow up active and strong like other pets in your home, you are probably asking yourself this question: “Can I give my ferret raw chicken?” Well, the answer to that question is a big yes. The fact is that ferrets are carnivores by nature and therefore, they should eat meat in order to survive.

Does a Pet Dog or Cat Know It’s Going to Die?

If your pet has decided to leave whether suddenly, after an illness or from the aging process, at some point in time BEFORE they cross to Rainbow Bridge, your pet will create a tender Memory Moment. It’s their way of acknowledging your love and saying thank you as they complete this incarnation.

Perpetration-Induced Traumatic Stress – It’s the PITS!

Perpetration-Induced Traumatic Stress (PITS) is an issue for those in the veterinary practice, animal researchers, and animal care givers. These groups perform euthanasia on animal, often young and healthy animal, on a daily basis. This “Killing-Caring Paradox” is an issue deserving of further study and understanding as it affects us all.

Which One Is Better, Advantage or Advantage Multi?

Advantage Multi for dogs is a form of combination medicine used to cure several types of parasitic diseases. It cures and protects dogs from parasites such as heartworm, whipworm, and more.

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