Does Aluminum Foil Stop Your Dog From Jumping Up On The Couch?

Animal Reincarnation and the Pet “Over Souling” Process Used in Animal Life After Death

Animal Reincarnation is a very different from the pet “Over Souling” process used by dogs, cats, horses and other animals in the afterlife to visit pet parents who are coping with pet loss. Over souling can occur multiple times while a pet is at Rainbow Bridge, Pet Heaven or living in animal life after death.

Buying Dog Clothes For Your Pet – 5 Things To Consider

Are you looking for the best possible dog clothes and pet supplies for your favourite pooch? The right clothes and accessories can help your pet stand out from others. A well dressed pet will also ensure that you get a lot of attention and satisfaction.

Otitis Externa in Animals

Ear infection is among the top health concerns watched out for in dogs especially in dogs that are hairy and have long floppy ears such as the Chinese sharpie chow-chows, English bulldogs, poodles and terriers, cocker spaniel and the Springer spaniels. Surveys among veterinarians concluded that ear infection is listed in the top 10 reasons why dogs are usually brought to veterinarian’s clinic for treatment. Otitis Externa is ear infection in dogs.

The Correct Kind Of UV Flashlight for Finding Pet Urine Stains

Certainly, there are a number of solutions for finding animal pee spots. However quite a few of them are not actually very reliable. This article will explain how you can ensure you are definitely seeking the best solution saving you both time and money.

Holiday Gift Suggestions For EcoFriendly Pet Products – Pet Safe and Easy On The Environment

Pet products can be packed with toxic ingredients harmful to both pet and environment. When shopping for pet products whether for holiday gifts or all year long, look for organic, natural, and ecofriendly pet products that are better for the health of your pet and for the environment. Check this list of suggestions.

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