Are You Accidentally Teaching Your Dog To IGNORE You?

Veterinary Assistant Work-Related Hazards

Veterinary assistants may work with animals in a variety of locations. While some choose a more permanent location, such as a clinic, food processing facility, or lab, others are more comfortable visiting different farms and ranches every week. With any of these localities, there are certain hazards involved in working with animals and animal-related materials and products. Those who work in this field, or who are interested in working in this field should be aware of the risks.

Frosty, the Paranoid Canine

A part pit dog puppy abandoned and adopted by author is determined to master his new owner’s domain. The narration depicts incidents that occur over a period of six years, some humorous, others nerve-wracking and poignant. Frosty, a jealous canine, learns quickly how to manipulate relatives, neighbors, and veterinarians. One incident involves a librarian, a mother and her child, and Frosty. On another occasion, out for a stroll with the author, Frosty disappears during an off-leash stroll on a, wooded trail leading to a few hours of desperate search! Another incident brings author’s son and Frosty into a brief tense confrontation when Frosty is confined to the screen-in back porch while the author’s son, wife, and their Schanuzer are on a visit.

An Alternative for Your Pet Remembrance

One day, we all are bound to lose our life. Besides human beings, our pets will also die at some point in the future regardless of how much we dismiss the idea when it comes to our mind.

Pet Urns That Grow Trees

Pet urns traditionally sit on a mantle or shelf. This article introduces a new type of urn, that is biodegradable, and contains growth medium and tree seeds of your choice, enabling the cremation ashes of your beloved pet to nourish a beautiful tree. There a just a couple of things to consider…

Usefulness of an Enzyme Cleaner

Enzyme cleaners are cleaning agents that are both, non-toxic and biodegradable making them an ideal cleaning agent for items. Their use is not limited to any appliances thus can be used for cleaning lenses, cushions and even as carpet cleaners. Their popularity is because of their ability to break down soils and debris via natural enzymes thus their name. Their manufacture is based on harnessing a type of bacteria known as Bacillus.

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