Are You Accidentally Picking The Wrong Puppy?

20 Amazing Pet Charities – Local & Global

Do you love animals and are looking for a way to ‘give back’ to those in need? It doesn’t matter where you are, there are a number of amazing charities that help animals on local and global levels. Here are 20 charities that have inspired us:

Health Benefits of a Pet

There is a surprising range of health benefits of pet ownership. Most of us have heard of the pet therapy programs in many hospitals because pets help patients recover faster on less medication. Patients return home sooner, the cost is less, and they’re happier and healthier overall.

Coping With Pet Loss?

Is it possible to grieve the loss of your beloved animal companion? Absolutely! Losing a pet touches very deep our hearts, as we love them dearly. We experience a painful loss because there was a special bond between you and your cherished companion animal, and… grief is the natural response to a loss.

5 Cat And Dog Allergy Facts That May Surprise You

Many people suffer from pet allergies and pets themselves can be allergic to a myriad of things.Understanding more about these allergies and their causes can help us to reduce allergic reactions in both us and our pets.

Stress and Anxiety Treatment Through Pet Therapy

Pet therapy is now becoming a popular field in medicine. This kind of therapy helps people to recover from various types of health problems. It is also popularly known as the animal assisted therapy.

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