Answering Your Puppy Training Questions (LIVE Show!)

We’re going to get, I appreciate the super sticker um from levante, ovonsi, uh and sue k we’re going to get to your question in just a minute uh, but we want to catching up today, yeah. A very fast trip to new york city, it’s a city that we both love, particularly ken, yeah, uh and then uh. Very shortly after that, I went out to new brunswick uh canada for the uh national agility championships and the um team, canada tryouts for the year 2023, and we were pretty darn successful. We did do it together, yeah yeah.

Today, we’re going to be talking about answering your puppy training questions. We have a few points that we’d like to talk about in terms of your puppy training, but if this is your first time here, my name’s ken steepe, this is kale mccann, we’re professional dog trainers at mccann dogs and at mccann dogs uh every single week. We’re publishing videos on the youtube channel we’re helping nearly 500 dogs owners in our training facility and we’re helping nearly a thousand people with our online programs and uh. We like to take every second thursday out just for you just to hang out here in the train station and today’s no different, so we’re going to help you with your puppy training questions.

It’s our puppy training q, a as I mentioned, I’m ken steepe, I’m cam mccann welcome back to mccann dogs, so uh. I appreciate that yeah glad you’re here with us. You must have a puppy or a dog in training if you have a puppy right now and you’re working on stuff, if you’re, just a dog lover, dog owner and you’re, like interested in learning more about puppy training. Let us know in the chat it’s nice to get a sense of um who the audience is.

While you have the chat open, while you’re there you’re going to see some names that are in blue and uh, if their names in blue they’re part of the mccann dogs, crew, you’re, going to see instructor, aaron instructor, robbie dan, the moderator man, instructor, alexis and uh, That’s all the instructors I see in there right now, but those guys are uh mccann, dog’s crew and they’ll be answering some of your training questions. Dan lots of links is a moderator, extraordinaire, he’s going to, be dropping links and he’s a link, dropper and helping us out on this end, uh with the with the train station um alexis dropping the 699 super chat that didn’t take long. We’ve got a couple questions on deck, but before we get to alexis’s question just let me grab that, so we don’t lose it um we’re just uh almost out of the woods on the puppy experience. Let’s talk a little bit about five yeah, I mean we get to see lots and lots of puppy owners every week, but um we all often have a puppy in the house.

Let’s be honest, we do often have a puppy in the house, but hopefully that’s not going to be the case for the next little bit. We’re we’re going to take a little break on accumulating dogs, but our youngest is he just turned nine months old, which is crazy, because I remember putting the first couple videos of him out when we literally just brought him home uh when we were just deciding whether We were going to, get him or the other puppy, so um, it’s really quite amazing. Even though the puppy stage is great they’re cute they’re little they’re, squishy they’re adorable, we love them so much. We want them to stay little and adorable forever, but I got ta say it’s really nice when they start to get trained when they start to get trained and they just kind of have.

You know a bit of a routine with your family and with your lifestyle, and they can kind of listen a little bit better and they just become a little bit less work, which is awesome. I’ve got some uh super chats loaded up. We have students from all over the world, but I love knowing where you’re joining us from for the train station and we’ll get people from all over the world, and it’s so fascinating I’ll, sometimes go back in after the show and I’ll look up. That part of things.

I know we actually had a conversation about that, the other day that people are actually shocked that we’re in canada yeah. You know, because I remember, being there floridians tonight, a lot of floridians yeah um. The great thing about mccann dogs is our instructors other than uh. You know a couple who grew up in uh as part of mccann dogs were all students at one time, and I remember being there.

How I was shocked at some of the cool shows that they did with the dogs, and it gave me like a little bit of um motivation to like work harder, yeah yeah, which was really fun so uh uh. We have a lot of shocked people that we’re from canada. Yes, our inperson classes are in ontario canada, but we have online classes and anybody in the world can can go into it. I keep trying things I’ve seen in your videos, but he keeps at it makes it hard to enjoy our family.

It gets hard for our family to enjoy him. This is really really important when it comes to puppy biting, because it seems as though uh and we we see this with students. The puppy’s biting yeah – maybe we can talk a little bit about that and setting up the puppy to make better choices on top yeah. For sure, and – and I do feel you there – it is hard to enjoy a puppy when you know they’re, nipping and biting us, but also know that um, that’s very normal behavior.

For for puppies to do a lot of puppies will nip and bite when they first come home when they’re trying to figure out kind of where they fit in in the family um. You know there’s things that are really important, but what ken was saying is that what a lot of people don’t realize is there’s so many things you can do to set your puppy up to not even choose to bite in the first place, and that’s really where You want to put your focus. We want to spend more time telling the puppy that they’re right and less time um being upset with the puppy for nipping and biting. So it could be simple things like maybe you know a little bit more supervision, maybe a little bit more exercise, uh, maybe having a leash or line on the puppy in the house, rather than just when you go for a walk or when you go outside, so That you do have better control and you don’t have to have your hands all over the puppy.

Maybe don’t get down on the floor and wrestle and and egg the puppy on accidentally, maybe don’t have the puppy up on the couch or up on the bed near your face, where you’re kind of blurring the lines a little bit as to how to who’s in Charge so there’s a lot of management things that can be adapted a lot of times, people put their puppies in a situation. It really makes it so easy for the puppies to nip and bite so um anyways. I know you want to see yeah. No, I I’m just it’s it’s so interesting because we uh you know we have um the our production studio is running all week and we’ll bring dogs in uh or people drop dogs off uh.

For us to do like a training, video or create content for and the one thing that we’ve discovered, especially uh dan uh lots of links. Luton – and I is that we have to make sure that our instructors don’t get a chance to really interact with the puppy. Until the moment, the camera starts rolling because, after a while, your puppies just kind of learned that that’s a fun way to engage just bite – and you know – be playful and silly and goofy, but then we’ll hand off a dog. A puppy like that or a dog or whatever the situation is and um.

Different choices not allowed the puppy to do that or allow the dog to do that, and it seems like there’s no corrections, no corrections, no corrections, no corrections, but they’ve uh. The the puppy now understands like okay, this isn’t a game uh. This person makes me feel confident, and I mean our all of our trainers just like they seem to know like you know, you can bring a lot up out in the puppy and like sometimes some puppies need to be ramped up a little bit to perform a Thing a skill or whatever or you know, solve a problem and other puppies. This puppy is uh, thinks that you’re, just the most fun thing in the world ever thinks yeah.

Your family is the most fun thing in the world and that’s great, but you probably also need to understand that. If you start making choices where the puppy’s always got a line on, you know the puppy, if you can’t supervise them, they’re in their crate, so that you’re super focused when you pop them out of their crate and like they’re in and out all day long when They’re out of their crate, you know that okay, I’m going to take the puppy out for a pee, we’re going to come back in and then we’re going to work on something we’re going to do something together and that shift in the puppy’s perspective makes a massive Difference we occasionally talk to families with kids.

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