All-Star Dog Agility Competition – McCann 40th Anniversary

Oh yeah welcome to the 40th anniversary of mccann professional dog trainers this weekend, we’re doing all kinds of fun things here at our training facility. We’re doing workshops recall races, we’re allowing people to try some agility just for fun, but the thing that I really want to share with you today is something that I’m really excited about. Is the mccann dog stars agility competition here in the mccann dogs arena? Let’s go take a look, we’re nearing the end of the day.

You guys saw my windblown hair and uh. We are nearing the end of day one at our mccann dogs, 40th anniversary. It’s been a lot of fun. Maybe you joined us last night at the live stream, where we had a chance to sit down with marty and deb mccann kale, and I um it was.

It was really something that we were really looking forward to and I’m really glad that we had an opportunity to do a talk about the history of dog training. We’re in mccann professional dog trainers has come from where mccann professional dog trainers is going. Actually, you can check that video out on our channel if you haven’t seen it yet, but today today we got something: that’s a little bit different. We’re going to have our mccann dog allstars agility show.

Not only are we going to do the agility show, but we’ve got a rally, obedience show. Maybe you know what that is? Maybe this is your first time seeing it. We’ve got instructor carol, who you might know from the channel fivetime world champion of disc dog she’s, going to be doing a bit of a demo. I think we’ve got a couple of tricks planned.

I’m just excited to share this opportunity with you guys share this uh. The event, but as we sort of tick down the the uh last the last hour of day, one if you are local, make sure you, pop by tomorrow, we’re going to be running the same uh hours. I think it’s something like 10 to four nine to four something like that. We’re going to be doing demonstrations we’ll be doing tours of the facility we’ll go through the can dogs history, we’re also going to be doing mccann dog allstars agility show we’re going to be doing.

Try your own agility. We have a couple of rings set up outside. So that you can join us, you know give your dog an opportunity to go through, go through a tire. Maybe go through a tunnel go over one of our little aframes.

We also have something: that’s been really fun to watch over the course of the day. Today. It’s something we called recall races and I know I think I a couple minutes ago.

I just filmed that the intro for you guys where we set the dog up um. At one end, we have these laser timers and uh it’s time. So you call your dog to come.

You go to the end of the ring. You call your dog to come and then we time the distance we’ve got some pretty wild times in there. Dogs of all shapes all breeds all sizes.

Putting in like two and a half second recalls down. I think it’s I would. I would guess.

Maybe it’s like 80 feet or something like that. Maybe it’s 100 feet, but really fun to watch them. Go. You guys can see, there’s all sorts of things happening behind us here.

We have uh tv crews, all sorts of people. You know some of our spectators. I know there’s people that are still out in around the building, checking out all the things we have to see today, but I’m going to show you speaking of seas.

I want to show you, the sea of blue shirts in the corner. You’ve been trying to trip over anything, but look behind me. Look at these are the canned dog trainers. Let’s go, let’s go check, it see what these guys are doing now, something that I love to do in our train station show.

I can’t see the chat right now, but um our producer can see it he’s going to. Send me any anything important that I need to mention, but let me know where you’re joining this show from I love during our train stations lives. When I find out the places all over the world that people are joining us online and youtube, or in our online training programs from I actually just found out today, we have a student in knock knock iceland, which was very cool. I looked at.

We have this really great map that uh dan moderator redhead made of all our students representing the world, and it’s really cool to see that much blue. But I didn’t even know that knock knock was maybe the capital of iceland pretty cool for me to discover. But let me know in the chat where you’re joining us from you might see some familiar faces here, depending on, depending on what videos you’re bail watch. Maybe this is your first time here.

If that’s the case, my name is ken steve. I’m a professional dog trainer here at mccann dogs, you’ve joined us on the right day. Today is our 40th anniversary celebration: it’s going all weekend, in fact, but we’re going to be doing a agility demo.

This is something that we used to do a lot. We used to do a lot of agility shows all over the world, but in the last couple years it’s been a little tougher guilty and frisbee and rally competition here, and we like to welcome you all and if you’re outside a lot warmer in new york, come On in grab a piece of grass and sit down and enjoy yourselves, we have a bunch of our trainers here today, a bunch of our bunch of trainers here today, all that are going to compete in agility, you’re, going to see all kinds of different dogs uh. Actually, let’s do a closer.

Why not go in and just say hello to these guys. Some of our amazing mccann dogs trainers all getting ready to do the big show today. So these are really exciting.

I love these events and I remember when I went to my first lesson: one at mccann dogs, we do a bit of a smaller modified version of the agility, show it’s indoors, of course, but it was so much fun to watch and um. I think you guys are going to enjoy it today we’re. Actually we have a couple things happening here: we’re going to have a judge who’s.

Judging things like the contact points. Now, if you’re familiar with agility, you might know that as the dog comes down, they need to hit that yellow mark they’re also going to be judging bars. Not we’re going to be setting up a 12 weave pulse and the dog’s got to go through each and every one of those weed poles. We’re also going to be timing, each of these races and what we’ve done is set up a camera in the corner.

For you guys at home to see what the time is, I’m going to get the heck out of the way and we’re going to go maybe to a different camera so that you guys don’t miss any of this action out here with all the equipment, and they Said I want to go out and crawl through that tunnel. I know one cup we were doing a a show at ontario place and, as I was looking around um, just making sure we’re all set very fast dog on the line ready to go. I looked in a tunnel and there was a little twoyearold boy sitting in there thinking.

He was just the greatest thing through sliced bread, it would have been a disaster. Had the dog gone, but nothing happened. We got him out and he just desperately wanted to play. So, hang on to those kids hang on those dogs, you can make as much noise as you want.

You can clap. You can hear the dogs love to uh have that energy in the house. So we hope you enjoy the show without further ado.

Uh. Do please help me welcome the mccann dark stars. Entertainment team.

Excuse me this uh. This is uh. Actually one of the dog’s favorite part of doing the show they just love that running.

They think that’s uh, the greatest club running around there we’re going to start the first one with a sports ahead and sport called rallies and it’s a brownie has been around for several years and it’s really grown here in the hand in the past few years. Many times, along with all kinds of students just been growing, we now have three classes a week, a team and deal with the rally, students wanting to train your dog and the various process, your workshops and many of our staff. Any students have earned a lot of titles, neurology and involvements.

Recognize instructor check this out. It’s pretty fun watching and um. Thank you so you’re working on equipment, um society, which is a difficult story.

I know a lot of our students come to the class and the teachers take their dogs on the walk, and it was not too hard to get their dogs to this stage where they are working, lovely coffee and he can be as well done. So that was a very interesting. You know. A lot of people think fiance signals are very impressive, but they’re actually easier to teach a dog foreign.

Thank you, but I also didn’t want to be in the morning candy that died. Thank you very much. So that’s fine and what’s even more impressive for those of you who have uh seen maybe a couple videos we talked about it but carol instructor carol in the end here with thorpe black and white border collie he’s totally deaf, so keep in mind that dog completely Deaf fivetime world champion of desktop. That is something that you might not be aware of, and it’s a sport called tribal and uh you’re going to see a demo.

It’s pretty cool check it out, um right now, um! So now she said: well, let’s watch her show world how canines dunk from basketball. Thank you. Okay. Now you see these walls.

At this end there is a brand new sport called tribal. The consumers are doing all kinds of different steel involved involved, different size, balls, big ones, little ones and the dog is required to perform the trips to one side um using her nose foreign. Thank you very soon together. Thank you, oh see.

Okay, he died, so he just he just said foreign ever left: okay, these 11 year old border collie and trying to carry on the tradition now disc. I was so excited about this performance from the first show. I just couldn’t wait to get to it. So let’s enjoy carol and thor foreign – oh my god, foreign foreign foreign border, collie names the bird and he has not been doing this as long carol actually rescued him at age.

Five and for the last two years have been training him to do. Uh gifts and I think he just started competing in uh just trial, but they’ve watched the difference in his speed and his uh athleticism he’s going to be very fit and very clean, and I think they’re really enjoy this foreign. Come here.

Big air, together yourself, foreign going to start to grow, and there were people I know I know super fun. I think everybody really enjoyed watching it nice job great, that’s awesome! It’s so much fun watching her. Do her disc routines, sometimes we’ll be uh on the train of civilian studio and we’ll see uh instructor carol outback practicing some of her routine and she has like a special disc dog festival.

So the dog can like bounce off the listening skills, as well as the technical abilities. We actually have a video on the channel that talks about how to throw like instructor carol and there’s the trick that I learned from her that has to do can’t remote is called, maybe the hilty or something it’s like. It’s like a certain way.

You turn your wrist really beneficial. If you know how to throw for your dog makes it easier for them to catch, but now we’re going to move into the agility show, which is, I think, what we’re here for is let’s dive right in they depend on verbal cues and hand signals um to Tell them where to go next and which obstacles to do they do know all the obstacles by name and they understand verbal commands and going away to work with the dogs. I want to point out a few things to you. The the polls in the middle they’re called weave pools and that’s one of the most difficult obstacles to teach a dog to do.

The dogs have to enter with that first hole on their right and then weave their way through the poles reaching the other end without missing a pool. It’s very difficult. So we’re going to have a timer camp set up for you guys so that you can see what the times are as we roll along and deb’s just explaining some of the uh. You know the fine details about how the judge is going to judge this competition.

Uh you’ll see the dogs quickly get their confidence and and do very well with this. The way it’s stored in dog agility for this competition right now is that it is based on time. We have a time clock and we will time each dog as they go through, but it’s not just a race of speed.

The dogs have to be able to do all the obstacles properly. So if they do make a mistake or a fault as we call it, they will have a five second penalty added to their time. At the end, now we have a referee, andrea out here is going to be watching to make sure everything is done properly.

If the dog knocks a pool, then that’s a fall. If the dog misses a contact zone, which is the contact obstacles, are the dog walk the teetertotter and the aframe and you’ll notice the yellow zone at the bottom? There the rules require that the dog get their front feet in that um yellow zone and that’s a safety feature. We don’t want the dogs launching from the top of the aframe or the dog, walk or flying off the teetertotter, so they must complete that obstacle fully or it’s a fault now, if the dog happens, to take the wrong uh obstacle out of order, or sometimes the Handler sends a dog out of order, but they have to follow the correct path and if they veer off that path, then that is a fault. We’ll go to a referee at the end of each dog and she will indicate how many faults on the course, and we will keep a track of the dog that has the fastest sign that the viewer fewest number of mistakes.

We have a winner’s podium at the far end when the dog that is in first place will remain there until another dog knocks them off with a faster time, with a few with less mistakes, so I think we’re all set to go. We have our first dog coming to the line. This uh is jade mcneely and it’s a german shorthaired pointer.

This is otis he’s a bit of a rookie uh jade has trained her dog through all the levels of obedience and uh is entered into uh three levels of agility classes, uh and she’s, a rookie, because she’s never done a show in this kind of venue. She’s not competed yet so. Please give her lots of love as she makes her way around the course. This is jade and otis.

That’s all the back side jump because the dog had to go around. That’s not a fault, because it’s just a little bit of a mess there, you got me got ta touch that yellow on the way down. You know. Jade is rewarding him because he is still a rookie, so he uh he’s getting all positive reinforcements for a job.

Well done yeah, the teetertart is a little tough you’ve been lifting really well. You just tie those weeds holes again. He had somehow he had some wires on that. We pulled to help him.

Okay, and here we come down to the finish line over that pink jumpman. So I think uh was that clean. Do we have a clean run so the time of 6879 and uh that wasn’t pretty good because he’s a rookie and she took her time.

You know rewarding the dog on the contacts and now we’re removing the weave the training age for the weeds and most of the other dogs will have learned to do the weeds completely and are ready to do without the training age. So all right, let’s bring the next dog up, and this is one of our favorites. The dog is on her shoulder. If you’re wondering where the dog is.

This is a little toy poodle, she’s, nine years old uh. She doesn’t really compete in agility, although she’s trained to do it all her favorite activity in life is snuggling up on a blanket on the couch she’s, just a love, bug um, but this is andrew, mcrae and she’s going to show you just what a little. What a little toy poodle can do, angela and hippie hippie you’ll notice that the jump heights are lower. Is he listening well and watch how hard angela has to go running besides his little dog motivating her encouraging her to go as fast as she can as fast as a whoa? This is a tough one when you’re really little.

Thank you just giving it her all. Let’s uh gear around the home runs over this jump into the tunnel. How about that angela mcrae in hippie hippie shake she’s running away. Angela angela, hey ann, hey, look at it! What a run beautiful! We pull.

How did you feel through your run? I felt good, but it is exhausting. No there’s a lot of work. It’s really great lots of fun to watch super fun, yeah awesome. This is this: is a border collie named cat and he’s he’s nine years old, um and uh.

He was actively competing. He is actively competing now, even though he’s a little bit older he’s considered a veteran once you hit seven years old, you become a veteran and uh. An interesting fact is that last august, at the canadian national championship, pat placed second in his jump height division. So now the surprise you’re going to see is he is a very well trained.

Dog he’s been doing this for quite a while and and now is going to attempt to move as little as possible um and try to direct cap around the room um by the use of verbal commands and and body or hand signals. So we need you to be a little bit more quiet on this one to make sure cap can get his direction because nella’s not going to run run with him. So let’s hope it all works. I’m confident, please welcome nell and calf.

I was told to turn right stopped on his contact. Like a good boy, a lot of get out commands, as he’s been told, to get out to the obstacle he needs to go to and turn left. That’s it.

Okay! Well, so far, so good. What a good boy what’s great great listeners, okay, with an unbelievable gay time of 4882 seconds, don’t you think that was a magnificent performance? Let’s hear it for cash, not quite fast enough for first place, that little stinker hippie hippie hippie, shake uh is hanging on to first place less than a second difference at 4708. Is that right 4706 is the time to be okay. Now we’ve got another uh, a bit of a rarer breed um that you don’t see too often.

This is what we call a smooth folly. You all know what uh rough color looks like the lassie dog. Well, this is the same dog. Only it comes in the smooth coat julie really likes the smooth coat better than the rough coat um, and this is blaze and he’s been through all the obedience and again he’s into the competition skills class of dog agility.

So please enjoy julie and blaze side jumps, which is more difficult than the front make his contact on the yellow. Let’s see how blade all the dogs are. Listening very very well today, very well trained, and here we come for the last batch. I don’t know no pose on that was a clean run time of 4960 um.

That was a very good run that little uh black and white muppet down there is uh, had an amazing run and is hanging in with a 4706 okay another a little bit different breed is uh. This dog is a norwegian, elkhound and uh. This is megan kitchener, who comes uh two hours.

I think from walkerton twice a week to teach class and train her dog um and he’s also done all the obedience classes and is now into um one of the top levels of uh the agility classes. But he’s a rookie as far as competition goes, so please encourage megan and her dog roland. Thank you. You can see that the dog really loved this sport.

It’s just a great sport and you don’t have to compete. You can do it. Just we have recreational classes where you can just come out and learn how to do it all and have fun running your dog. I i don’t compete anymore, but going to class with my dog is the highlight of my week.

So much fun, rowan’s doing a great job here, so hippie shaking angela are still in the lead 4706, and we need to talk to our current leaders. Angela three dogs have gone since you and hippie fever run. How do you feel about your position right now? Oh I’m pretty excited.

Oh, absolutely, she’s, doing great wait, bro yay, good dearly, amazing. What do you think your odds are remaining in the top spot until the end of the competition there’s some pretty fast dogs coming up ken? There are some very I’m not sure my rain may come to it, but for now you and hippie shake can enjoy the first place all right. Thanks back to you.

This is a border collie she’s, eight years old, she’s, the love of my life, the dog, not the kids. She is too um, but i, unless he is agility many years ago, now lives in victoria bc. So she hasn’t done this too much, and this is the first time today that she’s ever handled my dog so keep your fingers crossed. Please welcome! Lucky mccann and purple got ta.

Keep up with her left up up, well, very, very good job. Here’s the thing about dog agility, it’s not just about having the fastest dog. You have to be able to run clean as well. Now fast can get your way ahead, but you have to make sure that you, you know you touch the contacts that you don’t go off course, if you don’t pop out of the weave poles – and this is what we’re seeing if these shaking hands are still in The top spot because they had a clean, run and hippies relatively fast, there’s a lot of fast dogs coming up, let’s see if they remain there, handling that uh race car around the course myself, troll song agility.

This is her newest dog or her youngest dog, and he is just getting ready to to hit the competitive scene uh doing very, very well. I think you’ll really enjoy his speed and accuracy. Please and uh welcome. Uh chris and nia yeah give up her toy foreign new leader chris kroll and nia uh pretty exciting.

They actually took first place by about four and a half seconds, so that’s a pretty significant jump up into first place. Now we mentioned there’s some fast dogs coming up. These dogs continue getting faster and faster and faster, so will chris and niak be able to obtain their spot in first place over the next few dogs? I mean, I guess it just remains to be seen: a lot of training and a lot of uh. You know time is put into teaching these dogs each of the individual skills and building up their speed and building up their conference.

You know something we talk about around here is slow, is smooth and smooth ends up being fast. So all of this training that these instructors have worked on little bits and pieces, little tweaks that they’re making make their dogs faster through the course and the next dog is an absolute ferrari. Question is: will rob be able to keep ketchup on the right track? We’re going to find out and catch up.

Thank you, whoops. It easy he’s just learned to go this boy. Thank you.

You know uh ketchup. There has a time of 3961. He had one mistake earlier in the course had he not the last jump, even with his fault, he would have been able to take first place, but um ketchup. Just didn’t wait left his uh back feet enough going over that final jump, but a job well done.

Rob and catcher all right: okay, we’ve hit a few border collies. This is uh. Another german shorthair point here just like otis who we met earlier um she’s, a sixyearold, female and uh – is quite a little agility star christine tried out for the uh 2023 uh canadian world team, and she will be going to the netherlands next year representing canada. This is christine kubota and her dog friday.

She likes to tell everybody how much fun she’s having foreign okay, so close. Did anybody remember the time to be 47. 40. Oh 42, 34 and uh friday comes in at 4278, so a few tenths of a second between those two times job well done: um, uh, christine and friday.

Okay, this is steve. If any of you are online students, you have probably met steve. He does a lot of work with the online classes um.

This is his young border. Collie final he’s only three years old and is doing a really amazing. Can I was going to play.

Steve was fortunate enough to represent canada at the world champions in august of 2022 and did a wonderful job, especially because he’s three years old and has never had an opportunity um with everything that’s going on in the world to get much experience at the high level. Competition but wait. He has a future you’re going to see this dog um uh do well in the upcoming years.

Please welcome final with steve motoring them around this course he’s what we call a smooth border, collie, traditional black and white wow he’s lifting well everything’s going great. So far, look at that tail! Folks watch him use his tail as a oh, as a runner. He’ll use his tail as a rudder to motor him through that door.

Wow at the tunnel yeah. He didn’t quite go in smoothly and still posted 3774. What a remarkable run that was so steve! You got to go down the other end, that’s it uh say goodbye to nayak and uh.

That’s going to be that’s going to be a pretty hard time to beat. I think, okay, this is sort of interesting. This is jamie morrow uh, with her border collie and following jamie is hail.

Mccann. Jamie and kale are best buddies for the last 10 or 12 years going to many many competitions together overseas um jamie has a young twoyearold. Dog haley has a sixyearold dog but has been unable to get into many competitions because of the pandemic, and such and uh jamie won the show at 10 30 this morning and kelly, even though she loves jamie to death, is out for revenge. So please enjoy our youngest dog here today.

Twoyearold bore smooth border collie named smooch. Thank you, foreign. Unfortunately, unfortunately I think we had a miscontact on the dog walks and you know that’s exactly how difficult this story is a missed contact. You guys have a blazingly, fast smooch to smooth border collie wise now, it’s time for uh, because a fraction of a second in the last competition that we had here earlier today.

Now it’s beeline for those of you who have been on the channel a long time. You’ll have seen beeline grow up, you may have seen beeline actually compete, it’s an agility, but uh she’s blazing really fast, but, as I mentioned, she has to be accurate too the time I’m not sure you guys are in the chat. I know the time to beat it.

I forget, but what’s the time to beat time to beat the time time to beat it 3779 3779 can be line, be faster than that 34. 3429. 3429.

Okay see what happens and uh uh and uh very important to our business in terms of classes and organization and online and everything she’s involved with, but she’s also, one of the best uh dog trainers, agility trainers and coaches uh around uh. This is beeline. This is uh. This is your fourth or fifth quarter.

Fifth quarter poly that she’s trained many world championships. In fact, 21 world championships prior to having this dog she’s. She was in the wao world championship in netherlands last year did very well, but it’s a little bit of an experience, but he’s never competed at the high end. She has also been asked to come back and represent canada in the 2023 world championship uh next summer.

So it all comes down to this. How fast can you go without making a mistake? Please enjoy kim mccann and beeline foreign er um by a fraction of a second here in the can and beeline 3402. Three tenths of a second target decided to put the brakes on at the last minute and those back feet clearly got in that yellow zone. So, congratulations, the winner very exciting that was pretty exciting to watch.

Let me know, did you guys enjoy the agility show? Let me know in the chat, congratulations, kale and fila in a blazing fast run. I wanted to run so fast. What do you think buddy way to go? Feline loves her.

Mccann dogs talk actually all weekend 25 off of all of our toys. Yeah fuzzy ball talk in the store. The other thing I wanted to mention is that all donations that are coming in for us this weekend last night for our show all kinds of super chats. Thank you guys for donating all of the donations this weekend or going to the ontario veterinary college, uh, canine cancer research and super good cause.

We’re excited about the opportunity to help them celebrate great work. The thing I want to mention is, if you are in the area tomorrow, drop by the mccann professional dog trainers, training facility, we’re doing this all over again. On that note, at the end of day, one thank you guys for joining us.

I hope you enjoyed this. Show I can’t wait until I see you next time in the train station. Happy training, guys bye for now.

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