5 Things That POISONED Over 4 MILLION Dogs Last Year!

But did you know that you could stop That by knowing these five common Household items that are poisonous for Your dog did you know that last year Alone over four million dogs suffered From eating toxic foods it's reported That grapes and raisins have a high Level of tartaric acid that can be fatal For dogs macadamias can cause Inflammation in your dog's pancreas that Can make them very sick very quick it's Not uncommon for us to use peanut butter With treats and toys but did you know That if there's Xylitol in it you need To stay away whenever there's moldy Garbage or compost out in your yard you Need to have your dog on a leash or a Long line because it can make your dog Very sick the number one way that dogs Get ill from ingested toxins is from Chocolate and specifically dark Chocolate many people offer too much Unsupervised freedom for their dog Creating more room for these fatal Accidents

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