4 Tips To FIX Your Puppy Potty Training Problems

Welcome back to mccann dogs, I’m instructor, shannon if you’re struggling with your puppy, potty training plan, know that you’re not alone, and we know that because we get a ton of questions about it on our youtube channel. Jotted down in a journal can go a long long way to helping you figure out the answer to those questions when you should take your puppy out how long after they’ve had their meals. Now we do not want you to set an alarm in the middle of the night to take your puppy out for a pee a lot of the time. That’ll actually create a habit that we don’t want to, create, have your puppy close by, so that you can hear if they happen to whimper wine in the middle of the night.

That’s a good indication that they probably need to go out to the bathroom. We don’t want to, encourage our puppies to want to play and have a good time in the middle of the night we’d. Put them straight down on the ground with a leash on give them a couple of minutes to pee and poo and then bring them right back in and put them right back to sleep, to discourage any sort of unwanted interaction in the middle of the night. The crate is going to help.

Your puppy learn how to hold it. For those of you who are a little bit reluctant to use a crate trust me when I say that this is a wonderful training tool for your puppy and when it’s introduced in a nice positive way, it’s not a cage, and it’s not something that becomes oppressive. For the puppy, it’s something that will help you with making sure that you can keep your puppy safe, that they’re not chewing on electrical cords when you can’t supervise them and they’re not having accidents in your house now. A pretty common potty training mistake is that our puppies are distractible and when we go outside with them, they don’t always go to the bathroom.

This is where the crate is going to really do a lot of shining for you, because when I bring my puppy back inside the house – and I give them freedom, inevitably, my puppy is going to have an accident at that point because he didn’t take the opportunity Outside to go to the bathroom, so instead of allowing him freedom and hoping that he doesn’t have an accident, I’m actually going to bring him back inside, use my crate for five or 10 minutes just to help him remember that he needs to go to the bathroom. I’m not having to chase him around the house and having all those other elements in place is going to make sure that I can quickly help direct him outside to go to the bathroom, and I can watch for the signs that he needs to go. Some of the signs that I’m going to need to look for are my puppy. Those are all telltale signs that he’s maybe looking for a place to go to the bathroom and if I’m here and I’ve contained him well, so I’ve managed him well and I’ve got my eyes on him through supervision and I’ve got my training plan in place.

I’m going to see those signs and be able to quickly recognize that he needs to go to the bathroom and I can scoop him up and take him right outside and if they do sneak away and have an accident, your response is going to be to scoop Them up as quickly as you can take them straight outside, so that they can finish outdoors. Hope has nothing to do with it now something that all of us mccann dog trainers do to help speed along the house. Training process is teach our puppies how to go pee on command and, if you’d like to know how we go about that process. Watch this video right here, if you would like some help, personalizing your puppy house training plan join me and the other mccann dogs instructors in our online puppy essentials program.

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